Experience a seamless work environment. Well, almost.

The Hybrid Satellite Centre closely simulates the office campus experience and shall prove to be a vital component in your Business Continuity Plan, ensuring Business Continuity during these Pandemic times. Guesture offers a dedicated and fully managed work environment that provides unhindered continuity in your day-to-day business functioning while fostering levels of employee engagement and interaction, thereby increasing productivity. What’s more, at Guesture, we continuously innovate and work towards optimizing and improving service standards to deliver hassle-free and future-ready work and living spaces to work, grow and thrive.

Challenging times demand out of the box solutions. At Guesture, we offer Corporates a disruptive hybrid solution that brings together the very best of the Old Normal (working in offices) and the New Normal (working from home). The Hybrid Satellite Centre closely simulates the office experience and addresses the many negatives of the Work From Home model, both from the employer’s and the employees’ perspective. The hybrid model enables teams to live, work, play and socialize from a healthy, safe and diligently controlled environment, solves employee mobility and availability issues, team interaction, data security and productivity concerns, and SLA compliance challenges. We welcome you to the ‘Next-Normal’ – fully customized and serviced Live/Work Suites in premium apartment complexes.

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