1. Temperature screening for all visitors / guests / staff and delivery personnel.
  2. Hand sanitizer to be given by security personal for all incoming people at the Security gate.
  3. All incoming people should wear Face Mask Compulsory.
  4. Wiping of elevators, handrails & common surfaces with disinfectant.
  5. Hand Wash soap liquid to all common area hand wash sink.
  6. Hand sanitizer to be placed in Lobby / Cafe & Common areas.
  7. Masks for security personnel at the gate & Gloves for the housekeeping staffs.
  8. All housekeeping and security staff well aware about Covid 19 precautions measures.
  9. Visitors should be allowed with Reference of in house guest only (prior intimations).
  10. Visitor Pass has to be given to all incoming visitors – Same has to be maintained at Security register for monitoring.
  11. Reduced group activities for kids/guest inside the Dwellington & Altavista.
  12. Common Areas like GYM / Swimming Pool / Indoor Games / Movie Screening / Outdoor games remain closed until further notice.
  13. New Check in’s guest travel history has to be collected at front office -Compulsory without fail.
  14. Incoming Guest luggage’s has to be isolate for 03 hours at Security gate.
  15. All in house guest details has to be update & readily available in front office.
  16. Entry and exit of all individuals must be entered in a register at security gate and same has to be recorded in CCTV.
  17. Front office team to collect proper details of all incoming guest as per Check in forms / Occupations forms (KYC).
  18. Maintain Social Distancing.